Genesis G80
The Power to go Places

A sophisticated combination of ‘Athletic Elegance’ and elevated performance, the G80 Sport remarkably showcases the unparalleled driving experience only Genesis can offer. With a 3.5L V6 Twin Turbo engine capable of 375 hp and 391 lb-ft of torque, a variety of innovative convenience features, and its striking design, the G80 Sport is always poised to make a statement—inside and out.

All Inclusive
Starting From*
G80 2.5T Advanced AWD
@ 5,800 rpm
@ 1,650 - 4,000 rpm
International Model Shown.
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With a blend of advanced safety technology, a variety of new features, and elegant design, the Genesis G80 is reborn.

G80 exterior front 3/4 view close-upG80 centre console
10-airbag system

The front centre-side airbag of this 10-Airbag System prevents and reduces injuries caused by collisions between fellow passengers and collisions between passengers and interior components in the event of a side collision.

International model shown.

Pedestrian behind G80 reversing from parking

PCA-R prevents the vehicle from colliding with pedestrians or nearby obstacles at the rear when parking or exiting a parking spot, as well as when the vehicle is travelling in reverse at low speeds, by warning the driver and taking control of the vehicle’s braking system if necessary.

Highway Driving Assist II (HDAII)
G80 cruising down the highway out of the city

Highway Driving Assist II is a driving convenience function that helps maintain a set distance and speed from the vehicle ahead, it can support the driver in centring the vehicle in the lane, and can assist with lane changes while driving on sections of major highways.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)

BCA is reinforced with a new function that assists in collision-avoidance through differential braking when the risk of a collision with a car is detected in blind spots during lane changes. In addition, BCA will also help prevent collisions by braking if there’s a risk of collision with the rear side vehicle while moving forward in a parallel parking manoeuvre.

Surround View Monitor (SVM)
closeup of Surround view monitor

The available Surround View Monitor system utilizes cameras mounted around the vehicle to show diverse images of the vehicle’s surroundings, including three-dimensional 360° images from any point of your vehicle, to assist with parking.

Pedestrian behind G80 reversing from parking
G80 cruising down the highway out of the city
closeup of Surround view monitor

The seven air cells inside the available Ergo Motion Driver’s Seat provide enhanced side support and automatically adjust themselves according to the current driving mode or vehicle speed. The unique stretch mode uses individual control of each air cell for customized comfort.

International model shown.

G80 parking assist being initiated by remote key fob

When pulling into or out of a parking space, the RSPA system enables automated assisted steering and automated vehicle speed. RSPA can also be controlled remotely using the smart key from outside the vehicle.

Available on 3.5T Sport Plus models only.

Interior of G80 centre console Touch Controller

The concaved centre of the Genesis controller functions as a handwriting recognition touchpad. The system provides the driver improved usability that allows for handwriting recognition without the need of complicated keyboard input.

21 Lexicon® speakers and QuantumLogic® surround technology renders exceptional sound quality in Genesis G80.

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International Model Shown.
Side view of G80 parked in front of home

*Purchase price of $70,150 available on new 2024 Genesis G80 2.5T Advanced AWD models. Price includes fees, levies, and all applicable charges (excluding HST; GST/PST). Price excludes registration, insurance, PPSA and license fees. **2.5T Advanced AWD. Estimated horsepower based on premium fuel ratings. Use of regular fuel will result in reduced horsepower.